Finding  Balance

Warrior postures are my favorite!  There is so much that goes into each one - strength flexibility, stamina - as you hold the pose adjust,  breathe,  smile,  you truly feel the changes happening 

when you put everything else aside,  and are JUST PRESENT in that moment.

Yoga. That's where it all started.

 Every time I am on my mat, I learn something new I get a revelation.  Not just about my practice,

 but about my self,  my life the community and the world around me.  I have used it as a place where I can share the love,  joy and peace teachings of Jesus  (without even saying His name!) to encourage others, which in turn encourages me as well.  It is where we can start to find balance.   In the pause That place where we are in the world - where we can go deeper about our place in it Who we are or what is blocking us from being and living the life we were created to live. To be that blessing the world needs - that only we can provide.  Every Single.  One. of us has a divine plan and purpose that we were created for, but if we do not know what it is,  or do not share it with the world,  then the world is missing out - and the puzzle of the universe will never be complete. 

You are not an accident or a mistake You do have a plan and a purpose.  You were placed on this Earth at this time and place for a reason.

 If you have not discovered that yet, or just feel stuck where you are - start right there

Start right now.

That's what I'm here for.  To lead you, to guide you, to encourage, educate, and empower you 

to be the ABSOLUTE best version of you that you were created to be. 

"The light in me honors the light in you"

 Namaste Melanie